Hey guys this is sooooooooooo cool. Softball is half of my life i mean i love it. My team is 4-0 so far. I will try to keep it updated as much as i can but i have lots of games. Check in and see how my school team is doing. Also i hvae a rec team we are 4-1 there are the champions go us.

My team is now 5-0 we have a game today aganist pierce wish us like. Keep on checking in

Well we lost to  pierce 3-12 and i was soooooooooooooooooooooo mad because now we can not get the udefeated banner but we beat angle today 16-0 in 3 innings mercie rule and i got a single which scored a run and then i score dand that score made us end the game gooooooooooo us now we are 6-1 blue-softball

Our next game is on thursday at fuget and we want to win we did not play on thursday or wensdat cause of rain it was noooooooooooooooo fun.

We are 6-1 but i gusse thast good but still i wanted to go undefeated. The 7th grade boys loccrosse are undefeated and i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad

Well i am now playing a rec leauge and we are in the playoffs we there is only 3 teams. My team won both playoff games and we went right to the championship so cheer us on at the game on sunday aganist our oppent who we just found out today june 3rd is the cadinals so keep on checking in Wish us luck and keep on tuning inPlayingforthePinkLogo

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